Welcome to EmJoy Horses!

Our visionl is to spread the love, joy and understanding of the horse through out the world. 

We learn, share and evolve with every horse and rider that we meet on our path and our goal is to assist and share tools and thoughts of how you can obtain your goals trough great horsemanship and a feel for the horse's spirit and body. To be able to do that you also need to learn about your own mind and body.

No matter what diciplin or what kind of horse you have, you are welcome to train and learn with us. Teamwork, communication, understanding, balance, self carriage are all universal and does not depend on the horse's breed or what dicipline you're in. 

See you out there!

/Emelie Letskog

International Online Training/Mentorship Program

Through Josh Nichol's Relational Horsemanship Online Training Centre you can deep dive into our kind of horsetraining and horsemanship style. 

Sign up for the Online Mentorship with JN Advanced Instrucor and you find me there!

For $200 CAD a month you'll get the full access to all the training videos and other materials including live lessons with me via Zoom two times a month. It's easy and a 100% avalible at all times. 

Sign up here

Still not sure? Watch Josh Nichol's free YouTube to learn about the style we're teaching.

Josh Nichol - A Horseman's Pursuit

Upcoming clinics:


October 15th-17th 2021:

Jeff Sanders @ our facility. Interested in a spot? Send us an e-mail!


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